Pioneer Platinum Membership ($6700 Value)

$5,000 includes first 18-month access; then $99 /year

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Join today to support the development of Tagiuk Gold’s new video project: Tagiuk Alaska.

Pioneer Platinum Members receive 18 month membership to including:

  • Access to Tagiuk Alaska episodes (When they are created) +A $99 Value+
  • Sneak Peek video clips
  • Tagiuk Community Forum (When it is created)
  • $100 Tagiuk store credit*
  • Five Fine Troy Ounces of Gold** +Currently about a $6,500 Value+

* Tagiuk Store credit reward will be redeemable beginning by August 2018. The store will offer Tagiuk logo gear, paydirt, and other items; exclusions apply.

** The Five Fine Troy Ounces of Gold membership reward vouchers will be redeemable beginning August 2018. Options will be available, each of which will contain one troy ounces of pure gold. For example 1.2 troy ounces of Tagiuk’s raw placer contains at least 1.0 troy ounces of pure gold. We hope to also offer One Ounce American Eagle gold coins, if the government allows us.

You want more than 5 ounces at a discount? Contact us for quantity discounts:

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