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Please Help Us With Expanding the US Boundary Line

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Help Fix the Boundary Line

The Boundary Line determines, among other things, where these ocean rules should start to apply. By default, the Boundary Line starts at mean high tide; meaning if your feet are wet at the beach, then you are outside the Boundary Line. Nationwide, here are 35 exemptions defined in regulations that push the Boundary Line out from shore, as far as 12 miles.

About half of US coastline have these special adjustments. For most of the Northeastern US coastline, the Boundary line is 5 to 10 miles from the mainland. For the entire US coastline with the Gulf of Mexico, the Boundary Line is 12 miles from shore. In addition, many other ports and sounds have their own adjustments. Three miles offshore Norton Sound is much safer than 12 miles offshore Texas; Norton Sound is shallower, and much more protected.

CFR Title 46, Chapter I, Subchapter A, Part 7 “Boundary Line”

Dear President Trump,

I need help to get a job killing regulation fixed, this is effecting 200 jobs in my town. Specifically, I am asking for your help to add another exemption for my region to the 35 existing exemptions to CFR Title 46, Chapter I, Subchapter A, Part 7 “Boundary Line”

A government bureaucrat enforcing this regulation jokingly quipped that the best way to fix my issue would be to “have the President sign an executive order”. Well, I’m tired of people making fun of my President, especially bureaucrats whose job is to work for the people. You, Mr. Trump, actually get stuff done. You actually fix problems, instead of what the other guys have done for decades (centuries even), postponing the issues, or saying that it’s aways been like that.

This regulation defines the “Boundary Line” which is the line along the coast, beyond which ocean rules take effect. These rules are designed for the safety of passengers and cargo while traveling the high seas. The default Boundary Line is the shoreline, so if your feet are wet, the same rules apply as if you were sailing to China of France.

However, there are 35 exemptions under the current regulation that recognize that this regulation makes no sense for shallow, near-shore waters. So in these 35 areas, the Boundary Line is pushed offshore, sometimes as much as 12 miles offshore.

These exemptions include rich and powerful areas like most of the Eastern Seaboard of the US out to 5 to 10 miles, and the entire Gulf of Mexico out to 12 miles. They also include many ports on the West Coast pushed out 1 to 3 miles, as well as politically favored areas like certain commercial fishing areas in Alaska thanks to the late Great Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska.

I am asking for fair treatment. I am asking for rules and laws that make sense.

I am asking for your help, Mr. President.

The US Coast Guard, the ones who enforce these regulations, have aggressively and capriciously targeted my industry, which is near-shore gold mining.

Under the Obama administration, the Coast Guard reclassified all gold dredges offshore Nome under the “Commercial Vessels for Hire” rules, and began applying all these passenger and cargo rules to us, which over the decades have morphed into regulations that effectively say “let’s protect everyone and tell everyone what they can and can’t do on their own private boats”.

It’s a power grab. It makes nothing safer, it just makes everything more expensive.

I operate within 3 miles of the port, I can see it the whole time I’m mining for gold. Rules that were written to protect passengers during ocean crossings don’t make sense for a small private, family owned and operated gold mining vessel Besides, I am perfectly capable of deciding what safety features I need, and if not me, then my insurance company would require them.

But no the government knows best, for example, instead of spending $2000 for my fire extinguishers, it costs $2000 for an engineer-stamped drawing of which fire extinguishers and where they need to be placed, then another $2000 to have a Coast Guard approved engineer approve the drawing, then I buy the same $2000 fire extinguishers I would buy anyways, then I pay more $$ for annual inspections to make sure that I have the fire extinguishers that match the drawings. And that’s just one part. I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on compliance so far, and I’m still not approved. Almost 20% of my $3M vessel outfit cost is compliance with useless regulation. I could have hired three or four full time people for that. Good paying jobs lost.

This effects everyone in my industry, although I am the largest. It effects others too. Good people being hurt by bad government. This is time critical, as the mining season starts June 1st.

If you find that it’s worth your time to fix this bureaucratic insanity, then I’m asking that you issue an order to amend regulation CFR Title 46, Chapter I, Subchapter A, Part 7 “Boundary Line”to add section 7.185 to read “A line drawn from the southernmost extremity of Cape Nome to latitude 64°23.1′ N. longitude 165°0.5′ W; thence to latitude 64°29.4′ N. longitude 165°50.8′ W; thence to the southernmost extremity of the west bank of Rodney Creek”

More information, including maps and videos can be found on my website: http://tagiukgold.com/boundarylines/

You and your staff are welcome to contact me anytime, don’t worry about the time zones.

Kind Regards,
Andrew C Lee

Tagiuk Gold, LLC
PO Box 1370
Nome, AK 99762

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